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Welcome to the Canine Chronicle

Insights from a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with 21 Years of Experience

Hello, fellow dog enthusiasts! I’m a passionate dog trainer and a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. For over 21 years, I’ve dedicated myself to understanding the intricacies of canine behavior, working closely with dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. This blog is a chronicle of that journey—a platform where I share insights, tips, and stories to help you better comprehend your furry companion and nurture the bond you share.

Whether you’re grappling with a specific behavioral challenge, curious about the depths of canine psychology, or merely seeking to refine your training techniques, you’ve landed at the right spot. My aim is to provide evidence-based advice, enriched by two decades of hands-on experience, to make your adventures as a dog parent more fulfilling and harmonious.

Leash up your enthusiasm and let’s embark on this enlightening journey together. Every dog has a story, and every story has invaluable lessons.

Welcome to the Canine Chronicle!

Dog Behavioral Issues

Common Dog Behavioral Issues and How to Address Them

Common Behavioral issues are not so common among all dogs. These can generally be found in dogs who are kept tied and alone. Dogs are generally loving and befriend anyone; still, if you don't keep them close to you, then they can get aggressive. You should read further if you want to know more about these issues and their cures.

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