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Introducing a New Puppy to Your Home: Training and Bonding Tips

When you get a new puppy, it is important to ensure it settles into the new environment. According to experts offering puppy training near Rockville, MD bringing home a puppy means a significant change for the family and the canine. Training your puppy means learning to listen to basic commands and bonding with your family members. At the same time, ensure that it is happy in the new environment and interacts with you. Thus, there are certain factors to consider when you introduce your puppy to your home, and these are as follows:

How do I train my puppy to be obedient?

For the owner of any dog or puppy, ensuring that it is obedient is of paramount importance. The first step towards ensuring that your puppy is respectful and understands the basic commands is to create a bond with the canine. When you hire experts from puppy training near Darnestown, MD, you will find that they make it a point to spend time with the puppy to ensure that the young one becomes aware of the touch and smell of the human being around it.

During the first few months, the puppy will go through growth spurts, making it essential to keep interacting and communicating to keep responding to your commands. You might feel that it is important to hug and pet your puppy, but you should do this carefully. Here are some of the simplest ways that you can ensure it:

  • Positive reinforcement: Keeping the interaction with your dog interesting is essential. For example, most trainers will tell you that positive reinforcement helps puppies understand simple commands and interact easily with their masters. If you have little treats on hand, which you give to your pet when it listens to you, it becomes a positive reinforcement. It would help if you never used punishment on your pet dog, irrespective of whether it is a puppy or a fully-matured dog. It harms the dog, and it might become aggressive. When you use positive reinforcement to train your puppy to become obedient, keep the instructions simple. Give simple commands, and when the puppy performs them, provide the treat immediately. According to experts offering puppy training near Gaithersburg, MD, the puppy will likely forget what it is appreciated for if you delay. Hence, when you use positive reinforcement to train your puppy to be obedient, you should be prompt and prepared with simple commands that your puppy can follow easily.
  • Be patient: When you train your puppy, patience is essential. You can only expect your puppy to follow some of your commands when you start teaching these. Try be patient and spend time with your puppy. Taking your puppy for regular walks, talking with it, and spending time with it develops a sense of association. This will help the puppy develop a sense of connection with its master, essential for becoming obedient. When you hire experts from centers offering puppy training near Germantown, MD, you will find that the first thing that they do is connect with the canine so that they can understand each other. This will help set the stage to make it easier for you to train your puppy. It is important to remember that a puppy, by nature, is quite curious; hence, it will sniff things and try to snuggle up to you. If it does not respond to your commands immediately, staying patient and happy with the pup is essential. This will help it to gain confidence, and slowly, it will start listening to you.
  • Provide it with small playthings: A puppy goes through quick growth spurts, meaning you should ensure that it remains active throughout the day. One way to make a puppy obedient is by playing with it regularly. Give your puppy safe toys so that you can teach it simple tricks even while playing with them. When you hire experts who offer puppy training near Travilah, MD, you will find several toys they use to play with the puppies. A simple game of fetch is sufficient to teach them the basics of obedience. It would help if you incorporated a sense of joy in your puppy, and the best way to do it is to play with it. Thus, you can teach it simple tricks and basic obedience lessons while providing small playthings.
  • Using simple commands: When training your puppy, it is important to use basic commands such as ‘Sit,’ ‘Come,’ ‘Stay,’ ‘Lie down,’ or ‘Leave it.’ When you teach your puppy these commands, it is important to be reasonably strict with your pet and use positive reinforcement. Experts also mention explaining the command to your puppy is essential. Say, for instance, you want to teach it, ‘Lie down,’ here, then pat the floor and explain that you want your pet to lie on the floor. If your pup cannot understand, you should move your hand away from his nose and on the floor so that he follows your hand. This way, you can explain the command to him. Simple commands are the easiest ways to train your puppy to be obedient.

Thus, ensuring your puppy obeys your basic commands takes time and patience. Evaluating the process, you follow to teach your puppy obedience is also essential. You should teach it simple rules and associations with love and care. Following these simple tips makes bonding with your puppy and ensuring it obeys your commands much more manageable.

How can I help my puppy adjust to the new environment?

When I brought my new puppy to our home, I understood that it was essential to help it adjust to the new environment. My friend, a pet mom, explained that puppies often face separation anxiety, especially if allowed to stay with their mother longer. Hiring experts is one of the easiest ways to help a puppy settle into a new environment. I found that the experts from puppy obedience training near Rockville, MD were quick to help me understand the requirements of my new pet. You should take into account that when allowing your puppy to adjust to a new environment, also adapt to the latest addition to your family. Some of the things that I did that helped both me and my puppy create a strong bond are as follows:

  • It is essential to allow your puppy to enjoy the new environment. Thus, letting them explore your home without restrictions is often a good idea. This helps them settle down and adjust to the new environment faster.
  • I loved spending time with my puppy because he was pretty energetic. I always had his doggy treats ready and played with him whenever possible. A simple game of fetch made it easy for him to settle down in the new environment.
  • The experts from the puppy obedience training near Darnestown, MD, told me I should play games like hide and seek with my puppy. The only thing to remember is that you should hide in plain sight as it can get your pet quite excited. It will teach your puppy obedience as it will learn that it must come to you when it is called, and at the same time, it will get a chance to explore your home.

Playing simple games with your puppy, like tugging and fetch, is essential to help the pup settle down in a new home. As it continues to explore its surroundings, the idea that it can do it playfully makes it easier for the creature to understand its environment. It will also improve its sense of security and remove any separation anxiety.

What should you do when you bring a puppy home?

Bringing a puppy home can be one of your life’s happiest moments. A pet can make your family complete. If you have young children in your family, you will find that a puppy can become their friend and teach them responsibility. Just as you will be concerned about the welfare of your puppy, you will find that your children are becoming anxious if the puppy is not behaving expectedly. Thus, setting boundaries and rules for the puppy and the family becomes essential when introducing the new member to your family.

When I talked to experts associated with a center offering puppy obedience training near Gaithersburg, MD, they said it is essential to set boundaries for family members and the puppy once you bring your pet home. For example, as your puppy starts to teeth, it will bite everything. It would be best if you were strict and, at the same time, lovingly explained what it can chew and nibble. Introducing your puppy to interesting new chew toys will help set the boundaries regarding the items it can chew and the ones it must avoid.

When setting boundaries for family members, explaining to them that they should not hug the puppy unnecessarily is essential. Sometimes family members feel that hugging a puppy can make it feel more at home. However, too much physical contact can hamper the mental growth of your puppy. Instead, it would be best if you introduced your puppy to its crate. This will give your puppy a sense of security and make it feel more at home. The crate will be its one place in the house, providing it with complete safety. This is essential to provide your puppy with home training and association while teaching it boundaries, such as where it should sleep. Thus, some simple steps you take as a family and as the master of the puppy can help it settle down in the new environment and set appropriate boundaries.

Always  be present while training your puppy.

You should be fully present when introducing your new puppy to your home and bonding with it. When I took the help of puppy obedience training near Germantown, MD, the expert trainer told me I should give my pet complete attention when training and associating with it. If I am busy on my phone and try training my pet half-heartedly, it will produce a different result. This is excellent advice. When bonding with your puppy, it is essential to be completely present and give your puppy undivided attention. Some of the other factors to consider when you are training your puppy are as follows:

  • It would be best if you kept your expectations realistic. Your puppy will not respond to your commands with only a day’s training. You should provide it with continuous training to ensure the best results.
  • When training your puppy, keeping the sessions short and exciting is essential. You will find that puppies have short attention spans; hence, keeping the training sessions short and exciting is bound to produce better results.
  • Always be careful about the way you move around your puppy. I learned from experts from puppy obedience training near Travilah, MD, that slow movements help develop confidence in your puppy. If you move fast and swiftly, it can frighten and confuse your puppy.

Thus, when training your puppy, you must pay full attention to it.  It’s better to ensure your puppy is comfortable and then start teaching it. This will make the training session effective, and you will find that you can bond better with your puppy. It will also make it easier for your puppy to settle down in your home, and they can adjust better with you and your family.

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Introducing a New Puppy to Your Home: Training and Bonding Tips

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