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In-Home, Professional dog training for All Your Training and Behavior Problems

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Nationally Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Nationally Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the issues you face? Your dream dog or dream puppy IS possible!

I specialize in training family dogs, for busy people. Whether you have a “naughty” dog, or a shy/fearful one, gentle, effective training can make both your lives better. Fill out the Contact form for a free 30-minute consultation, and let’s get started changing chaos to calm, together.

Your dog’s troubling behavior issues require professional expertise and patience. Let me help you both. Shy and Fearful dogs are my specialty. Call me, at 240-780-8408.

Social share image belonging to Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Consulting providing professional dog training in the entire Washington D.C. metropolitan area.
Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
Spring's come in like a lamb, but if you're feeling more like a lion tamer at home, it's time for a fresh start.

Training and behavior work can give you a new perspective for the warmer seasons ahead to get outside and have fun with your dog. Better behavior means more fun for you both! Learn how to be a team!

Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Consulting offers:

Gentle and effective, individual Training and Behavior Modification plans to fit your family, solve any issues and help your dog be the best family member they can be.

Personalized Training and Behavior Modification plans for solving complex behavioral issues. Shy and fearful dogs are my specialty!
Private, in-home coaching programs for puppies or adults

6-8 week, Basic and Advanced Training for Puppies and Adults, 8-week, Individual Behavior Modification plans to address specific behaviors. Treibball instruction, on request.
Is your dog unhappy, being "Home Alone"?

Let me help you deal with any anxiety issues. Ask about my intensive, 12-week, Separation Anxiety program.
Are you struggling with a single-issue like leash walking or potty training?

Four-week in-home, single issue coaching sessions that solve common training problems, such as more controlled leash walking, potty training, and excessive barking.
Remote Consulting

Long distance video consultations are available for those clients out of our local area.
Schedule a free, one-on-one, 25-minute Q & A, using the Calendar under the Contact tab.

Remote counseling sessions are available for out-of-area clients, via video and Skype.

Visit the Training Services tab to learn more about each program, the Success Stories tab to see some testimonials from my satisfied clients and the Graduates tab to see the great faces of owners and dogs who’ve overcome some of the same challenges you’re facing now.

Call today at 240-780-8408 and tell me about YOUR dog, or fill out the contact form on the right and email me, and I’ll call YOU, to schedule an in-home consultation.

Drew Schneider
Drew Schneider
12. November, 2020
We just finished an 8 week training course with our 110 lb Bullmastiff Bruce and we couldn't be happier we met Dianna. We're thankful that Dianna taught us how to train Bruce so that we can provide him with a good home. Dianna had a structured plan specifically tailored for his behavioral issues. On top of everything, Dianna was always flexible and could not have been more caring and loving toward our big guy. Dianna helped us most by showing how a consistent training program will bring great results.
Carolyn Bray
Carolyn Bray
8. November, 2020
I am so happy with Dianna! We have a rambunctious jack russel mix and Dianna gave us the tools we need to help our little Tulip succeed. Her loose leash walking, leave it, stay-in-place, recall, and overall confidence improved greatly while working with capital training and behavior. Dianna trained us too! So moving forward we can continue to improve these skills with Tulip.
keri hammel
keri hammel
8. September, 2019
Dianna came to us highly recommended from two of my co-workers. Now I recommend her to everyone that I hear needs help with puppy or adult dog training. The moment I called Dianna to set up a meeting for her to meet our Comet (4 months old), I knew she was the right trainer. We wanted someone who was not forceful with their training and someone who understood Comet and her puppy nature. She was clear that she does not reprimand or force the training on the dog and instead allows the dog to assess the situation and make the decision to listen for themselves. Of course this involved training for me, my husband and my 6-year old as well. I was so impressed at how well Dianna was able to teach our daughter how to train Comet and this has been very helpful as she continues to grow, as she is much bigger than our daughter now. Dianna was so gentle with Comet and worked with the three of us to get her trained in just 8 weeks. Dianna was so efficient and Comet took to her so well, that we probably could have finished in the 6 weeks, but we wanted to have some time outside for training, as we adopted Comet in mid-January. Dianna was very flexible with her time as well. She came to our house each time and maneuvered visits to coincide when the three of us were home so we could all be a part of the training. She also made time for calls or texts for questions in between the training visits. Our family had such a great time with Dianna and what could have been an arduous task was so pleasant and we looked forward to her coming to train Comet - and so did Comet. As soon as she would see Dianna pull into the drive, she would start to get excited. It was also a good training ground to try to keep Comet on the dog bed and not jumping when Dianna walked in the door. I cannot recommend Dianna enough. She is an amazing trainer and person and a true dog lover. If we ever find that we adopt a second dog, she will be first to know so we can get the training started. Thank you Dianna!
Christine Mathews
Christine Mathews
22. July, 2019
Dianna was amazing with our newly rescued 4-year old dog. Walking him was scary after we found out that he is leash reactive around other dogs. Through patient and gentle training techniques, our dog is well on his way to being a great walking partner. We couldn't recommend Dianna more highly.
Craig Beach
Craig Beach
21. July, 2019
Highly recommend. Fantastic experience. She truly loves dogs, knows how to connect with them. Taught us how to teach our skittish pup how to listen and learn. She was patient, clear, interactive and even brought her own lovable pooch so it could hep with training.
Sharlene Gilman
Sharlene Gilman
26. June, 2019
Dianna Stearns has a special way with people and with their.animals. She left corporate life to work by her passion, to tend to creatures great and small, but especially to families and their canine companions. She listens to both the two-legged and four legged, to help them better communicate and share that life-long bond with one another. Trustworthy, professional, and certified as a specialist in canine behavior, Dianna knows communication and learning is a two-way, inter-species street.
sherry been
sherry been
13. June, 2019
Dianna took our overgrown German Shepherd, that was overwhelming in every aspect, and help us turn him into a member of the family. He was impossible in every way until we had the privilege to work with Dianna. She taught us how to train him, and how to work with him so he wasn’t dog aggressive. Dianna has such tremendous love for animals, and it reflected in how compassionately she helped us learn to communicate with Jonah. Dianna helped him became a cherished member of our family. I fell so blessed. Sherry Been

Improve your pets' behavior with dog training

Dog training gives you and your dog the tools to live together in harmony. By giving your dog proper positive training, you’ll know he knows the house rules. Let Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior show you how to teach your dog.

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Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Services

It’s a great time to get started and the best time to teach him what YOU want him to know! Gentle, effective, science-based training and behavior modification can help you head potential problems off at the pass.

Call 240-780-8408 today for details, and to reserve your space!

Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Consulting offers personalized in-home dog training and individual behavior modification programs that give you practical, efficient and effective solutions, taught without pain or punishment. All private programs begin with an initial consultation, to learn more about your goals and your dogs’ challenges and all sessions are held in your home at convenient times that best fit your schedule.

She helped us have a happy ending.

When we adopted our dog seven years ago, he was extremely anxious and overly protective, causing him to bite someone. With three young children, we couldn’t have a dog we worried would bite them or their friends. Dianna was an amazing teacher, helping our family teach Melvin and calm him down. Had it not been for Dianna, we would have had to return Melvin to the shelter. She helped us have a happy ending.

Carrie Pepperdine
Dog Trainer
Dog Trainer

Dianna L. Stearns MA, CPDT, CDBC, CATT

Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed, CPDT-KA, Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, since 2003.

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Certified Member #139 (IAABC)

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, CDBC, since 2007.International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Trainer and Evaluator, #3691 (AKC CGC)

Pet Professional Guild, Force-Free trainer, Member #7046264 (PPG)
Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Certified Professional #89503 (APDT)

Certified American Treibball Trainer #1 (CATT)

Dog Trainer

How is your dog's behavior affecting your life? What would success look like to you?

Call Dianna today, at 240-780-8408, or schedule a free consult at a more convenient time by clicking below. Let’s talk about the key challenges that you are facing with your pet.

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