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Capitol Area Dog Training & Behavior Success Stories

From her first visit, we knew Dianna was the best! Our two miniature longhaired dachshund pups, Cooper and Bella, had been stubborn and resistant to training. The closely bonded brother and sister much preferred playing with each other than listening to us. We were at a loss of how to work with them. Dianna wasn’t the least bit deterred. Given her vast experience and knowledge of all sorts of dogs, she showered love on them while sharing the materials and strategies we needed to become good pet parents! She taught us to be calm, committed, and consistent with our pups.

The results were amazing. We learned that loving our pups includes setting and rewarding basic expectations for behavior and safety. We can’t thank Dianna enough for her instruction and patience… with the pups and with us!

Jill and Bill Maisch
Success Stories
Success Stories

We just finished an 8-week training course with our 110 lb Bullmastiff Bruce and we couldn’t be happier we met Dianna. We’re thankful that Dianna taught us how to train Bruce so that we can provide him with a good home. Dianna had a structured plan specifically tailored for his behavioral issues. On top of everything, Dianna was always flexible and could not have been more caring and loving toward our big guy.
Dianna helped us most by showing how a consistent training program will bring great results.

Brittany and Drew with Bruce

We can't thank Dianna enough

She really helped us learn how to communicate best with our two dogs in order to teach them how to follow commands! Dianna was always very flexible with our schedule and made the process very personalized to each dog. Thank you, Dianna, Boomer and Millie loved working with you!”

Taylor and Chrissie, with Boomer and Millie
Success Stories
Success Stories

Dianna came to us highly recommended from two of my co-workers. Now I recommend her to everyone that I hear needs help with puppy or adult dog training. The moment I called Dianna to set up a meeting for her to meet our Comet (4 months old), I knew she was the right trainer. We wanted someone who was not forceful with their training and someone who understood Comet and her puppy nature. She was clear that she does not reprimand or force the training on the dog and instead allows the dog to assess the situation and make the decision to listen for themselves. Of course this involved training for me, my husband and my 6-year old as well. I was so impressed at how well Dianna was able to teach our daughter how to train Comet and this has been very helpful as she continues to grow, as she is much bigger than our daughter now.

Dianna was so gentle with Comet and worked with the three of us to get her trained in just 8 weeks. Dianna was so efficient and Comet took to her so well, that we probably could have finished in the 6 weeks, but we wanted to have some time outside for training, as we adopted Comet in mid-January.

Dianna was very flexible with her time as well. She came to our house each time and maneuvered visits to coincide when the three of us were home so we could all be a part of the training. She also made time for calls or texts for questions in between the training visits.

Our family had such a great time with Dianna and what could have been an arduous task was so pleasant and we looked forward to her coming to train Comet – and so did Comet. As soon as she would see Dianna pull into the drive, she would start to get excited. It was also a good training ground to try to keep Comet on the dog bed and not jumping when Dianna walked in the door.

I cannot recommend Dianna enough. She is an amazing trainer and person and a true dog lover. If we ever find that we adopt a second dog, she will be first to know so we can get the training started.

Thank you Dianna!

Keri, Gerry and Talullah

Highly recommend. Fantastic experience.

She truly loves dogs, knows how to connect with them. Taught us how to teach our skittish pup how to listen and learn. She was patient, clear, interactive and even brought her own lovable pooch so it could hep with training.

Sherry & Craig Beach
Success Stories
Success Stories

Dianna worked with our whole family and really helped our dog.

Dianna worked with our whole family and really helped our dog. Our 3 year old lab was anxious and tense, we we’re unsure how to help her. She came to our home and taught us how to understand our dog’s needs and to communicate in her language. After eight weekly sessions, our dog is doing much better but most importantly we know how to work with her going forward. We were sad to see the time together end. The cost was a little higher than a trainer but was absolutely worth every penny; in-home, personalized, and caring. Weekly tailored lessons, dog-centric music, and book recommendations. She understands the dog and is so much more than a trainer; hiring a behaviorist is the way to go. We can’t recommend her enough. When she arrived our dog was afraid of Dianna, when she left, our dog loved her, kissing her and so excited when she would arrive for lesson time. Dogs are the best judge of character and Dianna was clearly a dear friend in our dog’s eyes.

The Carnes family

She helped us have a happy ending.

When we adopted our dog seven years ago, he was extremely anxious and overly protective, causing him to bite someone. With three young children, we couldn’t have a dog we worried would bite them or their friends. Dianna was an amazing teacher, helping our family teach Melvin and calm him down. Had it not been for Dianna, we would have had to return Melvin to the shelter. She helped us have a happy ending.

Carrie Pepperdine
Success Stories
Success Stories

Dianna is flat out amazing.

We have 3 dogs; 2 Boxers and 1 Great Dane. All 3 were the best of friends until our Great Dane went in for his neuter and gastro surgery. The moment he came home our male boxer relentlessly attacked him. At a complete loss we were blessed to have found Dianna. She came to the house every week, and worked on getting our family back together. Today, I am so happy to say the Boxer and Great Dane are nearly back to normal. Can’t rush our Boxer, as something changed in him the day our Dane came home. Today, they can look at one another, touch noses, walk side by side, sniff the same scents outdoors and finally live in peace.

Thank you to Dianna. Should you be lucky enough to find this woman to help you with your four legged friend issues – you found the right lady!!!

Beth, Jason and Lync

Ella Rose had been with me since she was 9 weeks old.

She was only 2 lbs at the time so she came to work with me every day until she was 4 months old. At 4 months, she went to doggie daycare everyday. This resulted in severe separation anxiety, I couldn’t even go to the grocery store without a sitter. I lived in an apartment and I didn’t want to be evicted because of Ella Rose. Dianna was a godsend!!! Ella is a completely different dog!! I am now leaving her for up to 4 hours at a time. This feels like freedom after a full 15 months of having to have a sitter. I can’t thank her enough. We had tried training previously , but it didn’t work. Within our first 15 minutes with Dianna during our consultation, Ella Rose was following her lead. I am forever Grateful!

LeAnna Blanchard
Success Stories
Success Stories

Dianna is just wonderful!

We adopted our Border Collie mix, Denali, last summer, and quickly learned she was reactive to both people and other dogs when on leash. Dianna came to our home & worked with us and Denali on her turf. That made a world of difference. Learning new routines & behaviors in her own home has really helped not only Denali, but my husband & me. We’re more relaxed, as we’re all familiar with our surroundings. Denali has made some amazing progress with the techniques Dianna taught us. We now know how to get her attention focused on us when in the presence of her triggers, so she doesn’t react to them nearly as much as she used to. She’s making wonderful progress, and we’ll continue using Dianna’s techniques to further that. We can’t thank Dianna enough for the help she’s given us. She’s helped us realize that we are capable of handling a reactive dog, and that she doesn’t have to be reactive forever.

Samantha Manzanares

Dianna is amazing to work with!

Roscoe came from the shelter and needed a lot of training to calm him down and to alleviate his fears and anxieties. My husband and I were at the end of our rope with him but didn’t want to have to return him to the shelter when we called Dianna. She came to our house and worked with not only Roscoe, but us as well. She helped us reframe the way we worked with Roscoe so we were encouraging the behavior we wanted from him. After a few weeks, Roscoe began to relax a lot more, bark a lot less and is a happier dog in general. We’re looking forward to lots of years with our new friend, thanks to Dianna’s help!

Andrea and Robert Weyand
Success Stories
Success Stories

He was just waiting for an experienced and skilled trainer like Dianna

Our rescued dog Ike has been a happy member of our family for a year and a half. At first, the outlook was not bright. Chained and outside 24/7 for the first couple years of his life, Ike ended up in a kill shelter before a call to a Border collie rescue gave him another chance. We already owned a Border collie and understood their unique needs. Ike’s neglect had left him with exaggerated Border collie traits and kept his intelligence, socialization and natural instincts stunted. Deprived of contact and stimulation, Ike chewed rocks (with a broken tooth to prove it), tore chunks of grass out of the lawn, counter surfed, jumped up on people, needed serious house training, and had almost no understanding of the power of language and the “goodies” and praise that responding to those commands could bring him. We did not possess the skills needed to turn Ike around.

The rescue organization hoped this would be a successful placement and recommended that we contact Dianna for assistance. Dianna assessed Ike’s situation and designed a custom training program for Ike and us. She introduced us to “clicker” training which quickly reinforced the behavior he needed to adapt to a loving family and in-door living. Dianna met with us weekly to teach Ike new skills and measure his progress. After the six-week training program Ike had learned to respond to a wide set of commands and was well on the way to being well mannered, trained and confident; accomplishments we had thought beyond the reach of an adult dog that had suffered such severe neglect. He was just waiting for an experienced and skilled trainer like Dianna to show him the way. Encouraged by his progress we enrolled Ike in a “tricks” class and another training program offered by Dianna that led to his passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.

Ike wins the hearts of everyone he meets. We often receive compliments on Ike’s excellent behavior and intelligence, a transformation, which would not have been possible without Dianna’s help. We would strongly recommend Dianna’s service to anyone bringing a new dog, young or old, into their home. This investment will bring a reward of many years of enjoyment.

Rich and Sally Weinstock

Dianna worked endlessly

Patience, patience, patience!!!
Dianna worked endlessly to help train my two miniature schnauzers. They are both very smart and very stubborn which made it a challenge for me. They are both doing so much better since she spent time training me to train them. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to have a well-behaved dog!

Christie Schmitt
Success Stories
Success Stories

Dianna was able to help us train our dog to be a wonderful, obedient member of the family.

“We were thrilled when we found Dianna to help us train our standard poodle, Linus! With her endless energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of dogs, Dianna was able to help us train our dog to be a wonderful, obedient member of the family. After working with Dianna, Linus passed his basic obedience, AKC Canine Good Citizen Test and Trick class with flying colors! It is such a pleasure to work with a trainer who is truly passionate about dogs!”

April Phinney

Dianna was amazing with our newly rescued 4-year old dog. Walking him was scary after we found out that he is leash reactive around other dogs. Through patient and gentle training techniques, our dog is well on his way to being a great walking partner. We couldn’t recommend Dianna more highly.

Christine Mathews
Success Stories
Success Stories

I am so happy with Dianna!

I am so happy with Dianna! We have a rambunctious jack russel mix and Dianna gave us the tools we need to help our little Tulip succeed. Her loose leash walking, leave it, stay-in-place, recall, and overall confidence improved greatly while working with Capital Training and Behavior. Dianna trained us too! So moving forward we can continue to improve these skills with Tulip.

April Phinney

Dianna is amazing! She trains you just as much as your pup. My dog Monty is improving day after day and I feel as though I have the skill set to continue reinforcing his positive behavior. If someone can get my hyper boxer/bully mix to focus, they deserve 5 stars! Definitely recommend!

Meredith Cox
Success Stories
Success Stories

Dianna took our overgrown German Shepherd, that was overwhelming in every aspect, and help us turn him into a member of the family. He was impossible in every way until we had the privilege to work with Dianna. She taught us how to train him, and how to work with him so he wasn’t dog aggressive. Dianna has such tremendous love for animals, and it reflected in how compassionately she helped us learn to communicate with Jonah. Dianna helped him became a cherished member of our family. I fell so blessed.

Sherry B.

Dianna is amazing! She trains you just as much as your pup. My dog Monty is improving day after day and I feel as though I have the skill set to continue reinforcing his positive behavior. If someone can get my hyper boxer/bully mix to focus, they deserve 5 stars! Definitely recommend!

Meredith Cox
Success Stories

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