Puppy Training Programs in Rockville, Darnestown, Gaithersburg, Germantown & Travilah, MD

Congratulations on your new addition! Our area is a great place to raise and enjoy your new puppy, and now's the best time to get him off to a great start. Early, positive-reinforcement puppy training is the best way teach a new puppy to be a great family member.

Just like human babies, a puppy's first year of life is the most important for his health and well-being. What he learns now (or doesn't learn!) will set the tone for his behavior for the rest of his life. Humans learn though our spoken and written languages, but puppies learn about the world through their senses; from all the cues in their environment. They learn by watching our body language, smelling things we can't smell and listening to sounds we can't hear, by being outdoors or just sleeping in the sun. As their new adopters, or pet parents, it's our job to make our world and our language make sense to them. This means we can use our puppy's amazing sensory awareness to teach them what we want them to know, to better understand and live in our world.

Showing them, and letting them use their amazing senses to learn, is always be better than telling them!

If you are looking for gentle, effective Puppy Training WE CAN HELP!

As a nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, I can attest to the many benefits that positive puppy training provides: It teaches your new puppy to listen reliably to you, to follow your directions and to know that doing what you ask is what's best for him. By following your rules, he stays safe and loved in your family.

All Capitol Area Training and Behavior Consulting programs use force-free, science-based and dog-friendly methods, designed to solve your "puppy problems".