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Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Consulting LLC works with you in creating an easy-to-use format that best fits your and your dogs’ individual needs. Success depends on learned skills; on your part and that of your pet.

Because behavior (human and canine) is not static and behavior changes, depending on circumstances and environment, no one can guarantee the behavior of another (person OR dog). A dog will not perform (even well-trained behaviors) without ongoing practice. Especially in cases of fear or aggression, although the behavior is modified, the dog is never “cured”. Your pet’s behavior is ultimately your responsibility.

As a result of this changeability, inherent in all behavior, it is patently unethical and/or fraudulent for any trainer or training company to offer you a guarantee of your dog’s subsequent behavior after training. This should be a “red flag” if you see or hear this.

In keeping with that last sentence, what I promise is this: That I will dedicate my best efforts to work with you to resolve your challenges, that I have an ongoing commitment to the highest level of customer service and excellence in education, and that I can help you make a difference in the life of your pet.

Call me to discuss your particular challenge at (240) 780-8408.

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