Dog Training Programs in Rockville, Darnestown, Gaithersburg, Germantown & Travilah, MD

Why train your dog?

There are so, so many reasons! We all want a dog who's a great family member who loves us and obeys our rules: One who doesn't soil the house, get into the trash, embarrass us in public, knock over visitors at the door or drag us down the street on our walks. But how can we explain our human rules to them? One of the basic things we know about dogs, is that they don't speak English (or Spanish, or French, or Chinese..) they speak DOG!

While we learn though our spoken and written languages, they learn about the world through their senses, from actual cues in their environment; by observing us through our body language, by smelling things we can't smell, listening to sounds we can't hear, being outdoors in all seasons or just sleeping in the sun. This means we can use our dogs' amazing sensory awareness to teach them what we want them to know, to better understand and live in our world. Showing them, and letting them use their amazing senses to learn, is always be better than telling them!

Positive, training and behavior modification sessions teach your dog to trust you to keep him safe, to listen reliably, follow your directions and to know that doing what you ask is what's best for him. All training and behavior services begin with an initial, in-home consultation, to learn more about your goals and your dogs' challenges, develop an individual plan for solving those challenges and only use force-free, dog-friendly methods to solve your "dog problems".