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Get The Ball Rolling

Are you curious about Treibball, the newest competitive sport for dogs, and their people? If you want a better cooperative bond with your dog, increase your teamwork and get better off-leash control, Treibball is a fun, problem-solving game that can help you accomplish just that. Check out my book, “Get the Ball Rolling: a Step-by-Step Guide to Training for Treibball” available from Dogwise Publishing, at

get theballrolling

Do you have a shy or fearful dog?

Living and working with an extremely shy or fearful dog is a challenge. Many dogs develop these kinds of behaviors as a result of past scary experiences, stress in a recent shelter environment, or their natural inherited or breed specific traits; not always stemming from past abuse. Since they can’t tell us how they feel, or why they react this way, changing that dogs’ behavior takes time and patience.

More often, shy and fearful dogs suffer from the lack of early socialization, and owners have a hard time changing these behaviors without professional help. Shy and fearful dogs have become a specialty of Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Consulting LLC. These dogs need very specific handling and gentle behavior changes.

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