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Dog Training and Behavior services

Capitol Area Dog Training And Behavior Consulting LLC Has Results-oriented Options For You And Your Pet That Are Gentle, Effective And Convenient

We’ll discuss your goals and a reasonable time frame for meeting those goals, and then set a schedule for our sessions. Since your dog’s individualized training and/or behavior plan will be written to meet those goals and challenges, you’ll be armed with the tools and information you need. Then, we’ll work together to make the necessary changes. All local training and behavior change sessions will be in your home, using only positive reinforcement, force-free methods.

Choose the program that best fits your needs

Who's a Good Dog/Who's a Good Puppy?

Why, that’s your dog or puppy, of course! Well-mannered, and the envy of the neighborhood. Let’s get you on track to establish a solid foundation of great dog behavior practices. You’ll learn to read your dogs’ body language, communicate better, and create and reward his great responses, to give you better control and create harmony in your house. This includes a private, in-home consultation, 6 Standard, in-home, weekly sessions covering 10 basic cues, your initial training equipment, and 2 months of follow-up support via text, phone or video, for when you need a little polishing.

Who's a Top Dog/Who's a Top Puppy?

This program is for folks and families who are “All in”, with more flexibility and options for you and your dog. With your input, you’ll get a plan that adapts to your own family’s unique needs: A private, in-home family consultation, an individual training plan designed just for your needs, open to adaptations as your situation evolves: 8 flexible, in-home, weekly sessions covering 18 basic cues, your initial training equipment, and unlimited lifetime support via text, phone or video.

An Individual Behavior Modification Plan

For more severe behavioral issues, individual behavior plans are created specifically to meet your needs. The plans run an initial length of 8 weeks, since that’s the minimum of time that has proven to be most effective in changing a problematic behavior pattern. Some extreme cases (like separation anxiety/true aggression) need more and take longer to resolve, but most dogs make considerable progress in that time. Results vary, depending on the behavior of the dog and the follow-through of the owners.

Once I design the plan, we’ll meet each week in hour-long sessions, with homework for you in between. When I come back each week, I’ll want input from you as to what’s working for you and what’s not, so we can adapt the plan as we go and make it as effective as possible. Midway through, I’ll do a secondary assessment so that we have time to make any major adjustments we need.

Most programs are completed in 10-12 weeks

Single Issue Problem Solving

Four-week coaching sessions to solve common training problems, such as more controlled leash walking, potty training, and excessive barking. This includes a private, in-home consultation, 3 week sessions, in-home, weekly sessions, your initial training equipment, and 2 months of follow-up support via text, phone or video, for when you need a little polishing. This program is usually completed in 6 weeks.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Training/Star Puppy Training and Testing

Would you like to take your dog with you everywhere, and not be embarrassed by his behavior? Then the AKC Canine Good Citizen or the AKC Star Puppy program is for you. Both programs focus on your dog or puppy building great social skills and becoming comfortable and polite in public settings. CGC and Star Puppy Training and testing is available by appointment. Check out the program at

Remote consultations

For out-of-area clients, phone and video consultations are also available. Clients complete a behavioral history questionnaire and send a series of still pictures or short videos to document the behavior in question and the situation/context in which the behavior occurs. Consultation package includes: An analysis of the behavior, via video submission, a written assessment, and a step-by-step training protocol, with four 30 minute phone consultations and email follow-up.

Separation Anxiety Protocol

Post-pandemic, we’re seeing cases of true Separation Anxiety in our area. Dogs/puppies adopted during late 2019-2022, who were raised with owners working from home and without visitors, are facing some real adjustment issues of varying intensity, as their owners return to the workplace.

Like a true panic attack in humans, separation anxiety is a serious condition which requires a more specific, long-term approach to ensure your dogs’ physical safety and a path to their emotional wellness.

Most owners are unaware this can be overcome, and in truth, there is no “Quick Fix” for Separation Anxiety. It requires a long-term, managed approach. Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Consulting is committed to helping owners to resolve their dogs’ separation anxiety issues.

The Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Consulting Separation Anxiety protocol includes an individual diagnostic plan for your dog; a total 12-weeks of progressive sessions and extensive follow-up, requiring a considerable commitment of time, and patience.

If your dog is experiencing highly emotional, destructive or fear inducing issues when left alone and causing chaos in your home, this program is designed for you.

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