Dog Training and Behavior Consultation in Gaithersburg, Darnestown, Germantown, Potomac & Rockville, MD

Dog Training and Behavior Consultation in Gaithersburg, Darnestown, Germantown, Potomac & Rockville, MD

Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Consulting has results-oriented options for you and your pet that are gentle, effective and convenient.

We'll discuss your goals and a reasonable time frame for meeting those goals, and then set a schedule for our sessions. Since your dog's individualized training and/or behavior plan will be written to meet those goals and challenges, you'll be armed with the tools and information you need. Then, we'll work together to make the necessary changes. All local training and behavior change sessions will be in your home, using only positive reinforcement, force-free methods.

New Puppy 101/New Dog 101

New puppy and new dog owners have lots of questions! What's the best way to potty train a new puppy or re-house train a newly adopted dog? How do I discourage chewing? What about crate training? How do I set up my new dog for success? New Puppy/New Dog 101 is a program of weekly hour-long sessions that includes all the basics; coming when called, walking nicely on leash and not pulling, being calm when meeting friends and family (not jumping up on people) and more! Phone and email follow-up included.

Personalized Training Plans

For more specific training challenges, we'll develop an 8-week, personalized plan that address your dogs' specific needs and fit your family's schedule.

Behavior Modification Plans

If your dog is exhibiting any problem behaviors that might mean a legal liability; like being shy or fearful, having Separation Anxiety or Isolation Distress, showing Dog-Dog aggression, On-leash aggression or Dog-Human aggression, an Individual Behavior Modification plan is what you need.

All Individual Behavior Modification plans begin with an in-home consultation/behavior assessment, to develop a personalized learning and behavior plan. This program requires a commitment of 8 weeks to guide your dog in developing a new behavior pattern, since ingrained, emotional responses or environmental reactions develop over time and take more time to resolve. Some dogs need more, but most make excellent progress in that time period. A mid-term assessment is also taken to gauge your dogs' progress, so the plan is adapted as we work the plan together.

Day Training

If your life is just TOO busy to train, let Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Consulting take the lead with a four-week, intensive training plan. Day Training programs begin with an in-home consult to set goals and priorities, and scheduled either with three weekly visits (two with the dog and one with you) on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, or four visits (three with the dog and one with you) on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Let Day Training take your stress and time crunch away!

New Puppy/Dog Selection

If you're searching for that perfect, new, family companion, we can help there too! We'll research suitable breeds/adoptable candidates, suggest matches for your family, then conduct temperament testing for the likely candidates, so you'll make a great choice.

Short Session Training

If you just need to work on one or two challenging behaviors, such as potty training, walking on a leash without pulling, not jumping up on children or visitors, or introducing a new family member to your household, a 2-hour, single session might be all you need. Phone and email follow-up is included.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Training/Star Puppy Training and Testing

Would you like to take your dog with you everywhere, and not be embarrassed by his behavior? Then the AKC Canine Good Citizen or the AKC Star Puppy program is for you. Both programs focus on your dog or puppy building great social skills and becoming comfortable and polite in public settings. CGC and Star Puppy Training and testing is available by appointment. Check out the program at

Treibball, anyone? If you're ready to try the fastest growing dog-sport in the U.S., how about Treibball lessons? Check out the game info and pictures under the Treibball tab. Private coaching is available by appointment, too. Check out for more info and pictures about this great sport.

Phone consultations

If you just have a some questions and need a few tips, a phone consultation may do the trick. 30 minutes or one hour phone consults are available to answer your questions.

Remote consultations

For out-of-area clients, phone and video consultations are also available. Clients complete a behavioral history questionnaire and send a series of still pictures or short videos to document the behavior in question and the situation/context in which the behavior occurs. Consultation package includes: An analysis of the behavior, via video submission, a written assessment, and a step-by-step training protocol, with four 30 minute phone consultations and email follow-up.

Do you have a friend or family member whose dog needs help? Gift certificates are available too.

Call (240) 780-8408 to set up a consultation, and for current pricing and scheduling availability.