Dianna is just wonderful!

We adopted our Border Collie mix, Denali, last summer, and quickly learned she was reactive to both people and other dogs when on leash. Dianna came to our home & worked with us and Denali on her turf. That made a world of difference. Learning new routines & behaviors in her own home has really helped not only Denali, but my husband & me. We're more relaxed, as we're all familiar with our surroundings. Denali has made some amazing progress with the techniques Dianna taught us. We now know how to get her attention focused on us when in the presence of her triggers, so she doesn't react to them nearly as much as she used to. She's making wonderful progress, and we'll continue using Dianna's techniques to further that. We can't thank Dianna enough for the help she's given us. She's helped us realize that we are capable of handling a reactive dog, and that she doesn't have to be reactive forever.

- Samantha Manzanares