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Dogs can be your and everybody’s best friend. They are among the most loving and loyal creatures the god has ever created. Most therapists often recommend having dogs for their patients who suffer from anxiety. Earlier, people had the ideology that only those with a good source of income could own a dog. However, that’s nothing more than a myth. A dog requires suitable food and lots of love.

Despite all these facts, you might have seen aggressive dogs that can harm people. That’s not what every dog does; it’s due to some behavioral issues commonly found in dogs.

You should read further if you want to know more about these issues and how to alleviate them.

Common Behavioral issues

Common Behavioral issues are not so common among all dogs. These can generally be found in dogs who are kept tied and alone. Dogs are generally loving and befriend anyone; still, if you don’t keep them close to you, then they can get aggressive. Some of the most common Behavioral issues are:


Most of the dogs aren’t afraid of almost anything. They usually stay alert and always stay ready to protect their owners. Still, many dogs show fear around other dogs, humans, and even other smaller creatures. This can be a big problem, especially when your dog is not leashed. Due to their animal instincts, dogs often choose to attack in a state of fear.

The victims of their attack can be other animals, people, and even you, the owner. The dog who suffers from fear usually avoids going for walks and play. This could have adverse effects on their physical as well as mental health.

Excessive Barking

Earlier, people used to tame dogs so they could bark at strangers who seemed suspicious. Many owners keep guard dogs for the same purpose, ย to scare off those who try to infiltrate their premises. However, today, people generally live in compact areas like flats, where this can be a serious issue.

Excessive barking of your dog can cause problems not just for your neighbors but also for you. Some dogs even bark at their owners continuously for no reason. This can happen if your dog stays tied alone for long time intervals. This can also harm dogs, as it would demotivate other dogs and people to interact with your dog.

Chewing and digging

Chewing and digging are extremely common among all dogs. There are many different objects, such as chew toys, which would let your dog do all the chewing it wants. However, it can be a problem if your dogs chew off your important and expensive objects, too. Also, digging is a great exercise, but only if you live in a surrounding that is suited for digging. This can also be a problem in most cases.

Causes of Behavioral Issues

By the above discussion, we already know what the common Behavioral issues are and can be. Still, that is not enough; if you truly want to help your dog, you should also know the causes of these issues. The most common reasons that could cause such behavior in your dog are –

  • Aggression

Aggression might be a common feature of some dog breeds. Still, it’s only normal if it’s against strangers or against someone who possesses a threat. However, if your dog starts showing aggression towards you, then it’s a serious problem. Aggression can also be the reason for a dog’s fear towards other dogs or people, even you. To control aggression, Dog behavior modification training near Rockville, MD, can be the best you can find in Maryland.

  • Anxiety

If your dog is showing problems like excessive barking, then there is a high probability of anxiety in him. Anxiety can occur in any living creature, even dogs. The most possible reason can be that your dog stays alone for a very long duration. To alleviate your dog’s anxiety completely, you need expert advice. You can visit Dog Behavior Modification Training near Darnestown, MD if you live in Maryland.

  • Loneliness

Dogs need lots of love and affection regularly. They will love you endlessly, but you have to give them your time for that. So, if you see your dog chewing excessively, then it might be the case that he’s lonely. Loneliness can be helped if you give them enough time. Still, if you face problems alone, try visiting dog behavior modification training near Gaithersburg, MD.

Solution for Common dog behavioral problems

Some problems that are not severe can even be solved at home. All you have to do is keep your dog healthy and follow the tips mentioned below –

  1. Many behavioral problems can be caused due to boredom, so try giving your dog enough time. Also, ensure your dogs remain interactive even if you are away. Try using toys like food puzzles or the one that could make them move.
  2. Give your dog small treats and praise him whenever he shows good behavior. This would act as a personal training for them.
  3. If these won’t work, visit a professional dog behavior modification training near Travilah, MD.

Addressing Dog Aggression and Anxiety

Aggression and anxiety can be a cause of some health issues that your dog may be facing. Your dog may suffer from pain, so they don’t want interaction. Try visiting your veterinarian to make sure that your dog gets treated. If there’s no medical problem, then try following these steps –

  1. Seek out a good trainer who offers in-home or at least one-on-one training sessions
  2. For this, try searching for dog behavior modification training near Germantown, MD. Then, try to consult with them and let them examine your dog’s behavior.

Follow all the tips that the experts suggest and let them train your dog in their way.

In conclusion, addressing common dog behavioral issues is essential for our furry companions’ well-being and for fostering a harmonious relationship between dogs and their human families. By understanding the underlying causes and employing effective training and communication techniques, many behavioral problems can be successfully managed or resolved.

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Common Dog Behavioral Issues and How to Address Them

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