Live in Potomac, MD Without Worrying About Your Dog's Behavior

Rely on us for professional dog training services

Are the distractions of city life posing a problem for your puppy? During walks around the Potomac, MD area, is your furry friend reactive to other dogs? Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Consulting LLC is here to help. We offer professional dog training services in Potomac, MD and throughout the Montgomery County area. Our trainer will teach your pup basic skills and focus on reactivity to other dogs and strangers, so you can feel confident taking your dog around town.

Potomac, MD is a beautiful place to live. You should be able to enjoy taking your dog for walks around the neighborhoods without fearing for their safety or behavior. Contact us today to partner with our skilled dog trainer.

Discover why we're different from the rest

While just about anyone can say they're a dog trainer, we have the experience and qualifications to back it all up. You should choose us because we:

  • Avoid force and electronics
  • Give clients individual plans and resources
  • Became a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant in 2007
  • Are Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed since 2003
  • Stay up to date with the latest research through continuing education
Feel safe with your dog inside and outside of the home. Call us today to schedule a consultation in Potomac, MD or the surrounding area.

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